The Granary Creative Arts Centre is a community-run arts centre. We aim to serve both the local community and our creative community with high quality events, workshops and projects that inspire, empower, and knit us closer together.


We work with Hampshire Cultural Trust on outreach projects which uncover stories and make memories. Our outreach work is designed to make art and art experiences as accessible as possible to all members of our community.

Creative collective – for artists, writers, musicians, creatives

For any artists out there reading this (yes, you!) this is a call-out for you to join us. We are working to build a creative community of support. We are always evolving ideas on how to best support and showcase local artists (of any discipline) and we want to hear from you.

So far we:

  • Offer studio space

  • Get together to organise bigger collaborative projects

  • Make interdisciplinary projects together

  • Host meetings

Our creative collective is all about building camaraderie, networking, providing opportunities for mentoring and connecting us together. There are no requirements or criteria for eligibility – anyone who is making art (or wants to make art) is welcome.

Send us an email of introduction at