Come along to both storytelling workshop sessions on Sunday 29th September for a full day workshop 10am-6pm with a break in between.


Storytelling for beginner and improvers

Sunday 29th September 10am-1pm

Learn the tricks and techniques of storytelling for performance or presentation.

In a friendly, supportive and engaging environment, prize winning performance storyteller Jason Buck will take you through activities including:

  • Creative improvisation, thinking on your feet and spinning ideas from nothing
  • Techniques for remembering long stories or content and keeping the library in your head
  • Dealing with mistakes, never apologising, and dodging bullets
  • Visualisation, description and making pictures in people's heads
  • Faces, voices, peaks and troughs physicality, movement and breathing life into your stories
  • Walking the walk, talking the talk, and using some stories to try out your skills

Who should come: Anyone interested in storytelling or speaking fluently and confidently in front of people - beginners, or those wanting to tweak or add polish to their skills (ages young adult and up).


What you will get: Hands on experience, learning, participating and trying skills within a group setting that you can use, led by a professional storyteller with years of experience in performing, facilitating and workshopping in creative and corporate environments.


Storytelling workshop 'The Next Chapter'

Sunday September 29th 2pm-6pm
Performance storytelling for those with early to intermediate experience, and attendees from the morning session ‘Beginners and improvers’.


  • Building rapport – befriending the audience and taking them on your journey
  • Gods and monsters playing the characters and being your cast of thousands
  • Maintaining the silence – stagecraft and presence
  • Sharing the experience – audience participation, changing the plot, and advanced improvisation
  • The road goes ever onwards – starting to take your stories to new places and people

Storytelling workshop Beginners + Next Chapter