Songwriting Workshop

with Bo Lucas and Hayleigh King

Date TBC 

Workshop price £45, £35 early bird

This is a fantastic opportunity to refine your songwriting skills - whether your main concern is music or lyrics.

This workshop will be run by award winning musicians Bo Lucas and Hayleigh King (of Lucas and King). The focus will be on how to draw out your own style and strengths as an individual, rather than following a set songwriting formula. All participants will be encouraged to prepare one song in advance to work on during the afternoon.

The first part of the workshop will be an introduction, and a chance for everyone to discuss their music, their influences, and what they would like to work on/gain from the workshop. 


In the next section, everyone will be encouraged to share the song they have brought and to receive some positive feedback and suggestions.


In the second half, the workshop will be split into two groups with one group focusing on lyrics and the other on music. The aim is to build confidence and inspire you to use your individuality as your biggest creative resource. 

After the end of the workshop you will have the chance to play a short support slot before Lucas and King's evening performance at The Granary. A ticket to the show is also included in your workshop price and does not need to be bought separately. Light refreshments and drinks will also be provided for the afternoon. Places are limited to keep the group dynamic intimate and strong, and to allow for one-to-one tuition and feedback. Book in advance to guarantee your place.

"Songwriting is all about one's own thoughts and feelings and relationship to the world. Being brave and truthful can be hard but it is the essence of great songwriting. So we aim to base the workshop around this ethos, and not how to write a hit or to write like someone else." Bo Lucas 

About Bo Lucas and Hayleigh King


Southampton-based duo Lucas & King were recently crowned winners of FENDER’S UNDISCOVERED ARTIST OF THE YEAR. With influences including Peggy Lee, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, The Kinks and Dolly Parton, the album features beautifully complex lyrics, sung by the sultry stand-out vocals of lead singer Bo Lucas, made all the brighter by Hayleigh King’s sympathetic and tasteful guitar accompaniment which in turn creates the cinematic backdrop of their sound. The album features elements of sixties pop, surf, garage and blues that take you from the empty and confined opener of Brunswick Place, through to the realities of love and life in Maybe I Do, to an existential crisis in Shop Girl, finishing on the dark noir obsessive Nothing On You.


The duo have managed to create a timeless, but also fresh sound that is entirely their own. Upon meeting in Brighton at university, Bo Lucas (lead vocals and acoustic guitar) and Hayleigh King (electric guitar and backing-vocals) quickly cemented a musical connection, writing their first song ‘Crazy Heart’ within 15 minutes of first playing together. Their DIY approach to music saw them playing at open mic's and local shows, resulting with the opportunity to tour with and open for Ray Davies - 50th anniversary tour, back in 2014. At short notice they burnt CDs on laptops, with handmade brown paper & cardboard sleeves stuck together, hand stamped with “Lucas & King” and handwritten track listings ready for the tour. In just a few years Lucas & King have stacked up many accolades and awards; the duo were finalists in Glastonbury Emerging Talent 2017 which saw them perform on Rabbit Hole, Avalon and Acoustic stage. Then in July of 2018 they were crowned winners of the prestigious Fender Undiscovered Artist award, hand picked by a panel of judges from over 2000 contestants; prize including a trip to LA, with gigs at the Fender factory in Corona California.


"Bo Lucas is an astonishing singer who draws you in with her beautiful, hypnotic and, in my opinion, unique voice. I was blown away by Bo's voice and by the strength of all of the songs. There was nothing ordinary about what she and her partner Hayleigh King do with music.

I don't really know how to explain it but then you can't talk about music. You have to hear it. Take every opportunity to go and see these two fine and seriously exciting musicians.

Hayleigh is a guitarist who will make your eyebrows go straight through your hair line; when I was young, music that blew me away would find me laughing with the sheer joy of what was happening. Bo and Hayleigh did that last night and it's a long, long time since that's happened and it felt brilliant. 

Hayleigh's feel for the unorthodox but beautiful in her totally clean effectless guitar sound and style which is all hers makes you feel stuff like never before. Her guitar tone is everything that many guitarists take years to find."

-Arnie Cottrell

Places are limited to keep the group dynamic strong, and allow for one-to-one tuition and feedback so please book to avoid disappointment.

Price of workshop includes light refreshments and drinks.

Any questions?

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about the workshop or our venue. You can send an email to our workshop coordinator Amy Hardingson at who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.