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La Loba - Enchanting the Wild

Sunday May 3rd 2020 



Tickets £12 for Adults, £8 for Children (recommended age 9+)

La Loba – Enchanting the Wild is a spoken word show presented by award winning poet Susan Taylor. Originally inspired by the plight of Mexican wolves (one of the world’s most endangered species), Susan has written a new chapter to celebrate them, and through them, to summon up the magical presence of La Loba – a woman whose calling is to put right the wrongs that have been done to wild creatures and wild places. Her message is an ancient one – she is a woman whose heart is with the creatures of wilderness. In this new rendering of her character, La Loba finds her true path in various encounters with animals and with La Calavera Catrina, the quintessential Mexican icon from The Day of the Dead.



Nature has a way of healing itself… and La Loba’s powers tap into the ever-present force for good in the living world. She is a collector of bones, a being occupying the liminal space between human and animal. When she has collected all the pieces of a skeleton, she sings flesh back onto the bones and calls spirit to return to the body. She is no less than a remaker of things lost.

This dynamically delivered narrative is animated by innovative visual elements, including a filmed backdrop of shadow puppet wolves. 

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Reviews for Susan Taylor

"Susan Taylor has the crackle, the swing, the wayward word-charisma that calls ancient energies into the room." 

Martin Shaw

"Memory and the abiding sense of spiritual reality within experience give Susan Taylor’s work a tenderly profound and authentic resonance." 

 Penelope Shuttle 

"Susan Taylor’s poetry offers a whole range of: delicate patterns and connections and glimpses, very present and alive, full of watchful pleasure."

 Ted Hughes

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