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Home Education Art Classes

Weekly classes in term time for ages 12-16.

Let loose your creativity in our weekly term time classes for home education and flexi-schooled students.

  • Specialist tutoring

  • Access to equipment

  • Support in your own topics of study

  • Time, space and support to build your portfolio

  • Work towards OCR Art and Design GCSE

Join us at any time throughout the school year.

Email us at for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions for our Art GCSE & portfolio class

Who do you support?

We offer support to home education and flexi-schooled students in the secondary school years (12- 16), and particularly to students who are preparing for their GCSE. 


When are the classes? 

Classes run on Fridays during term time, 11am-3.30pm. 

How much does it cost?

We charge £35 per session, plus an extra £35 for materials per term.

Do you have to go to the class every week?

No, flexible arrangements are available. We can talk to you about what would make sense depending on your circumstances (distance from us, level of support/in-person time we would recommend to reach your goals). 

What are the classes like?

These classes are informal, friendly and encouraging; its important that parents and students take the initiative to choose their own topics of study and develop their own research skills. Developing critical thinking is an essential part of being an artist - which is why we do not dictate a lesson plan each session but instead encourage each student to explore their own agendas. Some classes will be group focused with a portrait model, still life or new techniques, but frequently the sessions are a hive of various activities as students build their own portfolios. 

What exam board do you use?

We have teamed up with Faregos Exam Centre to ensure that students can access the GCSE in Art with OCR.

What size are the classes?

The last few years we have supported groups of 10-15 students through their GCSE Art. However, as not all of our students are able to come to us every week the size of each session varies. 

Who is the teacher?

The class is taught by Kezia Hoffman.

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