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Founding the Granary, Kezia Hoffman

As well as running the Granary, Kezia also teaches Art to Home Education students and at pupil referral units, and runs a number of evening and weekend art workshops and courses throughout the year that encompass everything from ink to spray paint, stone carving to life drawing. Her own art draws on our connection to the natural world, the wild and the innate playfulness that makes us human. She is also a founding member of OGAM Villages - the national campaign for affordable housing for artisans and makers.

Kezia Hoffman is from a family of artists and has a degree in Fine Art Sculpture from Winchester School of Art. She lives and works in Winchester, Hampshire and has two teenage sons, both creative souls also. Kezia has facilitated over 600 Arts & Community engagement workshops over the past 18 years, including work with schools, youth groups, Naomi House Hospice, colleges, pupil referral units, SENs, Tutu Foundation UK, Camp Bestival, Boomtown, Standon Calling, West Dean College, Alresford Music Festival, the Graze Festival, Hat Fair and festival lantern processions.


"I believe in using the arts as a tool for social change and am committed to inclusivity and developing ideas that can help people think, feel, laugh and become more connected, to themselves and each other. I feel part of 'what’s missing' from our lives is our connection with hand tools, and old skills and the encouragement to explore them. My mission is to provide the workshop, materials, tuition and encouragement to allow a space for people to build confidence, take creative risks, build skills and develop ideas. I have witnessed how people smile and connect more with strangers in a positive way when engaging in workshops or events. The impact the arts can have on our lives can send ripples into the way we engage with each other, our businesses, our families, our relationships and our own internal dialogue with ourselves. How many areas in our lives are we actively encouraged to take risks in? In the world of arts, theatre, music, movement and language we need risk taking to help ideas evolve. That's when it gets exciting..."

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