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Storytelling workshops with Jason Buck and Mike Rogers

Sunday September 29th 2019

Morning Session 10am-1pm

Afternoon Session 2pm-6pm

Learn the tricks and techniques of storytelling for performance or presentation.

Prize winning storyteller Jason Buck and veteran storyteller, actor and academic Mike Rogers will be running two storytelling workshop sessions with us on Sunday 29th September.

Storytelling for Beginners and Improvers (Morning Session)


Storytelling 'The Next Chapter' (Afternoon Session)

More information below...


Standard price: £40 for one session, £60 for both

Concessions price: £30 for one session, £45 for both

Storytelling for Beginners and Improvers

Sunday 29th September 10am-1pm

£40/£30 concession

Learn the tricks and techniques of storytelling for performance or presentation.

In a friendly, supportive and engaging environment, prize winning performance storyteller Jason Buck will take you through activities including:

  • Creative improvisation, thinking on your feet and spinning ideas from nothing

  • Techniques for remembering long stories or content and keeping the library in your head

  • Dealing with mistakes, never apologising, and dodging bullets

  • Visualisation, description and making pictures in people's heads

  • Faces, voices, peaks and troughs - physicality, movement and breathing life into your stories

  • Walking the walk, talking the talk, and using some stories to try out your skills

Who should come:

Anyone interested in storytelling or speaking fluently and confidently in front of people - beginners, or those wanting to tweak or add polish to their skills (ages young adult and up).


What you will get:

Hands on experience, learning, participating and trying skills within a group setting that you can use, led by a professional storyteller with years of experience in performing, facilitating and workshopping in creative and corporate environments.

Storytelling 'The Next Chapter'

Sunday 29th September 2pm-6pm

£40/£30 concession

Performance storytelling for those with early to intermediate experience, and attendees from the morning session ‘Beginners and improvers’.



  • Building rapport – befriending the audience and taking them on your journey

  • Gods and monsters - playing the characters and being your cast of thousands

  • Maintaining the silence – stagecraft and presence

  • Sharing the experience – audience participation, changing the plot, and advanced improvisation

  • The road goes ever onwards – starting to take your stories to new places and people

Book both sessions for just £60, or £45 concession.

Meet the Tutors

About Jason Buck

Drawing on traditional favourites and introducing new ideas, Jason's stories are told in the oldest and best ways – as live performances, for modern audiences and he has performed across the UK and mainland Europe, blending traditional and contemporary motifs, vocal sound effects and pure, unadulterated fantasy.

Jason has been a performer most of his adult life, including gurning, comedy and sword swallowing, but his passion lies in stories - there's nothing like getting lost in a story, the pictures in your head are better than film. Jason has written and published four collections of his own stories, won silver at 2017's Grand Annual Lying Festival and recently won 'Best Bard' at Profound Decisions' 'Theatre of Joy and Sorrow'. He is also unnecessarily tall and has a memorably large moustache.

About Mike Rogers

Mike Rogers has been writing stories since 1956 and telling them since 2002, for confirmation parties, The Forestry Commission and once for a conference on 'Talk in the Classroom' in Southampton, where he got to tell the keynote story...  His tales are usually traditional, from a wide range of sources, and if asked he can tell them in German or French!

"I tell Greek and Norse myths, European folktales, Russian and Japanese folktales and even some tales I have created myself. I can tell in German and French, as well as English. I also write stories, which are much more complicated. I like to re-imagine old tales and put back the bits I feel have worn away or dropped off with time - a kind of restoreyteller!"


"I had been thinking about learning more about storytelling for ages, and I am so glad that I finally took the leap with Jason and Mike's workshop at The Granary. I was so nervous, but I got such a warm welcome when I first arrived. I felt really taken care of as a participant, and we were eased into the processes masterfully with some fun warm-up games.

The essential skills of storytelling were broken down for us until it seemed easy, and like baby birds we were given that needed push to take the leap and have a go - all with heaps of encouragement.

I had such a fabulous day, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this workshop, Jason and Mike, and the joy that is storytelling itself. I am much more confident in my improvisational skills, relishing telling more stories to my children, and I now have the skill-set to help me expand my professional work to the next level too. 

Don't hesitate to book onto this workshop - you're in the safest hands imaginable and you will have an absolute blast. I will certainly be returning myself with glee." Amy Hardingson, participant at December 2017 storytelling workshop

Any questions?

Send Jason an email at or via his Facebook page. He'll be happy to answer any questions you might have. You can also RSVP to the event on Facebook and join in the conversation/ask a question in the group. 

FAQ- Concessions

The concessionary price is available to students, unemployed, low-wage, and 65+.

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