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Creative Writing Workshop

1001 Writers: The Impact of Illustration

Saturday November 16th 2019


Price £8 (includes a ticket to spoken word night)

All ages welcome!

This workshop is a fun and accessible workshop to get you into, or expanding your creative writing. It's suitable both for complete beginners, or for those looking for another route into beating writers block.

The aim is to use drawing, illustration and art to work our visual and descriptive skills. The act of creating art, choosing colours and drawing our settings can make us think differently about how we should describe things to get across the feeling in our heads that we want our audience to experience.

We'll discuss map-making, drawing settings and characters, building layouts, and story-boarding and how they can be useful for us as writers during the writing process. 


You will be able (and welcome) to use your own story/setting for the exercises, as well as opting to use a classic fairy tale. You can also work in whatever medium you like, whether that is poetry, short story, a novel, or flash fiction. 

There is no need to be an accomplished artist. This is about using art in a conceptual way to open up your creativity and get your brain thinking in a different gear. Of course if you end up with work that helps you market or add to your writing that is an added bonus!

You will also have a chance to get one-on-one feedback on your writing during the workshop, and get feedback after sharing with the group. 

About 1001 Writers

1001 Writers is a writing group/series of writing workshops hosted by Amy Hardingson at The Granary Creative Arts Centre. 

The aim of every session is to demystify writing, to empower writers into sharing their work, and to look at interesting ways to develop and expand our craft. Every single one of us has powerful stories, poems of truth, and novels of intrigue within us. Unfortunately, the writing and fiction industries are terrible at being elitist, exclusive and putting particular stories on a pedestal. The more that we can do to counter that, to add our voices to the diverse stories needed to change our cultural narratives, the better. 

Every workshop is based around an interdisciplinary method. The idea is to spark creativity, get weird and wonderful connections forming, and to have an awful lot of fun in a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment. 

About Amy Hardingson

Amy Hardingson is a multidisciplinary writer, poet and storyteller, and a current artist in residence at The Granary Creative Arts Centre. 

Amy's creative work is diverse and crosses both genres and mediums. She has written four plays, one radio drama, three short films, and numerous short stories and poems. She is currently editing her first collection of poetry, collaborating on a show with prize-winning storyteller Jason Buck, and working on her first solo spoken word/storytelling show.

Amy studied English Literature at Cardiff University, achieving a First Class degree in 2012. She has also studied proofreading and copyediting with Chapterhouse publishing, and worked at Palgrave Macmillan as an Editorial Assistant. Her paying-the-bills work for many years was in working as a specialist website copywriter – a role that also involved running writing workshops for corporate and small business audiences, and writing tutorial blogs.

Whichever environment she is working in, Amy believes in breaking down skills and empowering people. After all, no one can tell your stories better than you. A fact that remains true whether it’s the story of your business, or the novel that’s aching in your heart, that calls to be told.


Follow Amy on Instagram: @amyhardingson

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