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Norse Myths and Runes

Two events with Andreas Kornevall, May 2020

Talk with Storytelling

Friday 17th May


Tickets £12

An evening of Norse stories and a discussion of the importance of runes in the Norse tradition.

All-day Workshop

Saturday 18th May


Tickets £60

Delve deep into ancient ceremonies, rituals and rune casting. A chance to connect with the mystic within.

About Andreas Kornevall

Andreas Kornevall is a Swedish storyteller, mythographer, writer and ecologist.

He has broadcast on the BBC, had his writings published widely, (Dark Mountain Books, Resurgence Magazine, The Ecologist and more) and lectures on Norse Myth in Universities & educational centres world-wide. 

As an ecologist he directs the Earth Restoration Service Charity which has planted over two hundred new woodlands in the UK and wildflower meadows.  His ecological work has won him recognition and endorsements from actress Joanna Lumley, HRH Prince of Wales and the "elders group" set up by musician Peter Gabriel. 

He is also the co-founder of the Life Cairn - the world's first memorial for human caused extinctions. 

Andreas also works closely with Martin Shaw (one of our foremost teachers of storytelling and myth in the UK). 


I asked Andreas a simple question when we opened discussion about putting on these events, one which I will now ask everyone. His response moved me to tears:

"What motivates you and why do you do what you do?"

“I am motivated to express the wisdom tradition that lies beneath the rich and fertile mythologies of Northern Europe. These are ancient forgotten worlds that have been neglected far too long. Yet, within their stories we find the root of the current masculine wound and the treatment of women in our society and the root of the extinction and climate crisis. We also hear about the great war that has always been fought between the sky gods and the nature spirits. How do we reconcile the indigenous spirit with the sky gods? The Norse myths are very clear about this: shared ceremony can overcome conflict, especially when grief is present. I want to revive this tradition from the cold tombs of academia and bring it back to the tongue of the storyteller, where their words are heard again entangled within the strings of the lyre: this was how the knowledge was meant to be transferred. In the tradition we also find highly elaborate and insightful concepts such as the multi-soul idea and how we can learn how to cultivate many different aspects of our fragile human psyche. It has always perplexed me why our own traditions have been abandoned? We rather go elsewhere across the world to access another ancestral tradition than to sit and serve an ageing grandparent? I think that is a symptom of a spiritual sickness that many of us carry (that includes myself). These questions are important to me. 

Our northern ancestors knew well that we all end up in the “well of memory.” We don’t move to the future, we move towards the past. A difficult motion to grasp for some. If we have lived well, then the memory of our actions, our songs and grief, can feed the very tree of life (Yggdrasil) that gives continuity to life. When we forget our own traditions, we dry up the well of memory, and the tree suffers and it can die from this. Its mighty roots are watered by our remembrance and the praising of that which has come before us - today the well of memory is in desperate need to be filled. It is a powerful metaphor to work with. 

If my stories and lyre playing can bring just one drop into this well of memory and rouse our imagination to co-create and rediscover an inner wisdom tradition from our own soil then my work is worthwhile.” Andreas Kornevall

Recent reviews of Andreas's work: 

★★★★★ "Wonderful - a really inspiring and moving evening that linked mythology with soul, ancestry and language. More please!"

★★★★★ "Really captivating"

★★★★★ "Just do more of it please....great stories and journeying!"

★★★★★ "Inspirational - great talk, great atmosphere. Very glad I came."


Talk with Storytelling

Friday 17th May 7pm-9.30pm

Tickets £12

Take a journey deep into our ancient northern folklore. Renowned storyteller and mythographer Andreas Kornevall will be treating us to a number of absorbing aboriginal stories from the Norse pantheon – many of which have never been translated into English before. The stories will be woven between discussions on the rituals and initiations of the Norse myth culture (including the fascinating mystical use of runes).

Join us for what is sure to be a very magical evening delving into ancient wisdom.

smallAndreasworkshop copy.jpg

“One of the best storytellers I have heard recently…I would absolutely recommend that you go and hear Andreas for yourselves…"

- Wendy Atkinson, GuestHouse Storytellers


Saturday 18th May 10am-4pm

Tickets £60

Do you want to deepen your understanding of the magic of old Northern Europe?

This day-long workshop with mythographer and storyteller Andreas Kornevall will immerse you in the world of Norse shamanism. We will explore how the Norse pagans used stories, poetry, visualisation, meditation and music to tap into their intuitive knowledge.

You will learn about the runic tradition, practice runic reading, carve your own runes, engage in ceremony and learn about the lore of our local plants.

This immersive experience will have you stepping in the shoes of your ancestors – learning how they thought about the self, how they tapped in to their inner wisdom, and how they understood the world around them.

Hot soup, hot drinks and cake provided. Please bring additional food to share as well as a pen, notepad, and a yoga mat or blanket.

workshopAndreasworkshop 1copy.jpg

“Andreas Kornevall offers a powerful immersive experience of travelling into Norse mythology and Runic divination, food for both soul and intellect. Understanding Runic script as mythic symbols opens a door into the archetypes that inform all human existence, and Andreas' deep knowledge and love for his subject is truly inspirational.” Professor Angela Voss, Christ Church University

Tell me more...

"Have you forgotten that the old forest is your home?" - Bo Setterlind

This workshop is for those who want to deepen their understanding of the magical and spiritual heritage of old Northern Europe.

On this day long workshop you will learn about the runic tradition and the Gods and Goddesses that stand behind these ancient signs. This will be a journey into practical runic reading, elder magic and ceremony. Poetry, storytelling, trance journeys and music will be used to access this intuitive knowledge. The workshop will include traditional practices such as visualisation, meditation, divination, ceremony, spell-work, and learning individual power songs (galders).

Materials will be prepared for the art of talismanic carving and you will learn the symbols and numerology they used in antiquity. Nine runes of power will be carved by each participant on the day and all materials will be provided. Central to the work will be an inner journey through the sacred Ash Tree: Yggdrasil - this is similar to a "shamanic" trance journey or pathfinding. We will also study our local plants and how we evolved with them, an important part of the exploration as much surrounding the lore of entheogenic plants of Northern Europe has been hidden from common knowledge.

The day will conclude with a traditional blot ceremony dedicated to the first witch of the world, Goddess Freya - if you can, please bring either some mead, amber, poetry, or very dark chocolate to lay at her feet; or a piece of memory from your ancestors.

It will be a full day; please bring a pen, notepad, yoga mat and blanket to lie on if you can.

I'm convinced!

I'm intrigued...

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