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Waking Dragons

Soul activism through Norse Myth and storytelling with Andreas Kornevall

Saturday 16th May  2020

10am - 6pm, with evening Ceilidh from 7pm and optional camping overnight


£85, £65 for concessions


About Waking Dragons

This immersive day is about facing the new decade with soul-activism, led by storyteller and ecological activist Andreas Kornevall (see below). We will explore traditional stories, poetry and ceremony to gain a deeper perception of resilience in our relationships, lives, ecology and community. We will learn about the Northern tradition including practical heritage art and the significance behind creating spirit-bundles, runes, sigils, sculptures and paintings.

Throughout the day, you will be encouraged to find your own "hand and heart" soul-activism to bring back to the community where you live. The mythical underpinnings of our current world predicament will be explored - what do the old stories and myths have to say about mass extinction, climate change, and the modern loss of our own ancestral souls? How do we reclaim our ancestry without falling into the toxic notions of nationalism and identity obsession?

The symbol we will work with throughout the course (and in the practical art applications) will be the dragon. In ancient Northern Europe the dragon was a symbol for merging the underworld and upper-world. As the serpent descends into dark, difficult places to look for soul, the golden eagle ascends towards illumination to reveal spirit. When the serpent and golden eagle alchemically merge - the wisdom of the dragon is born. We will work and rediscover what it means to "descend," (soul) and to "ascend," (spirit) and get clear on the difference between these polarities. The runic oracle will guide us through each step of the journey and will be seen in its original purpose: as an initiatory path for inner work and outer transformation.

All are welcome to join regardless of experience, sexuality, and cultural/spiritual background: the spirit is warm and enthusiastically inclusive. The group will be limited to 20 spaces to enable deep connecting, learning, visioning and creativity together. Email to enquire and book a place.

Price £85 (£65 concessions).

Structure of the day/ What to expect

10am -1pm: Journeys into Norse mythology and wisdom through storytelling and discussion.

1- 2pm: LUNCH

2 - 4pm: Heritage Art - making spirit-bundles, rune-rows, statues, sigils, paintings and sculptures.

4.30 - 6pm - A LIFE CAIRN - We will travel by convoy/lift to our evening camping and ceilidh location, (bring food, tent and camping equipment if staying overnight). We will build our LIFE CAIRN (which is a memorial for extinct species, where we place stones, sing and speak of the memories of our local extinct species and around the world). This is a safe space to express vulnerability (without any pressure), an opportunity to acknowledge your own grief and carry others as they voice theirs. This ceremony is a free and public event - all are welcome.

7pm onwards: Food & Ceilidh - bring along your own dusty bottle, voice and instrument

Sunday: For those who have stayed overnight, the Granary will be open for any finishing touches to your art creations and lunch will be provided.

Camping and Facilities

During the day we will be based at The Granary Creative Arts Centre (SO24 0LQ) in our beautiful 17th century converted granary building and outside space. We have a kitchen and toilets onsite (more information here). 

From 4.30pm we will convoy/lift share to a dear friend's private woods (20 minutes away - we will give you directions once booking is confirmed) where we will be building our Life Cairn, holding our Ceilidh and camping. Please bring along food and water for the evening (and Sunday morning if you are camping). There is no cost to camp overnight - just bring along your own tent and camping equipment (and fully commit to leave no trace). If you don't have your own camping equipment please get in touch as there may be some space available in the Yurt.

These are the same private woods that are used for The Wild Maiden Retreat, you can read the FAQ on their website for more information on facilities and what you should bring/prepare for (please note that this will be a wild camping experience).

If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to email us. We hope that this whole experience will be truly special, and we aim to make it as friendly, supportive and accessible as possible. There are options for hotels and B&Bs in the area if necessary, and that's something we can advise you on if you have any worries about the camping element. 

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About Andreas Kornevall

Andreas Kornevall is a writer, storyteller, independent scholar and ecological activist. He grew up in Chile, Sweden and Switzerland, and today he directs the Earth Restoration Service charity - which focuses on replanting new woodlands and wildflower meadows across the UK and beyond.

In response to the sixth mass extinction, Andreas was the catalyst behind the Life Cairn movement: memorials for species rendered extinct at human hands. Life Cairns have been built around the world in crisis areas such as the Galapagos Islands and Mauritius.

As a storyteller, he works with old myths and fairytales which shine a light on life’s journey; his stories tend to gravitate around the Norse material which have led him to lecture about myth in universities and other educational centres.

Andreas is also a prize-winning writer, whose work has been published in magazines such as Resurgence, The Ecologist, Permaculture magazine and in the Dark Mountain series.


About The Granary

The Granary Creative Arts Centre, is an independent arts venue dedicated to heritage crafts, alternative education, storytelling and community. It’s run by artist, sculptor, tutor Kezia Hoffman who will be host throughout and guiding us through our creativity with tools and materials. The Granary is a 300 year old grain store balanced on staddle stones in a quiet part of rural Hampshire next to beautiful walks with Redwood trees, Ravens and Red Kites. Read more about The Granary's ethos and mission here.

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